Monday, June 13, 2011

Well it sure is Monday, isn’t it now - I gotta get myself through the week somehow

Can I just say how wonderful this weekend was? Pretty sure my sister was the most beautiful bride on the planet. Due to my I-phone being stolen, A kindly sent me the pictures he took on his. Take a look:

I loved seeing all my family while back in Ohio. I always have the best time when we get together. My favorite memories were NOT eating Fazolis with Holly, Eliza and Isabel's "first dance", A's first (and most likely last) keg stand, watching Sally try to keep her eyes open after getting false eyelashes put on, meeting all the new Holtzmuller babies, and watching my handsome brother walk Laura down the isle to a Coldplay song (a girl after my own heart).

I'll hopefully be able to post more photos soon, but for right now - I'll leave you with a few videos from Friday night's rehearsal dinner/roast. Enjoy!

                                                                   Maid of Honor roast:

                                                            Siblings guide to living with Laura:

Blog post title: "It sure is Monday" by Mark Chesnutt

Till next time -

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  1. Marit, I love this and I love you! =] Not only was I a beautiful bride (as everyone keeps telling me) but I had one hot bridesmaid entourage!!