Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kitty Krazy?

I take a lot of heat for my crazy obsession with Hello Kitty. I usually just shrug it off and tell people I'm a 12 year old trapped in a 26 yr olds body.

I guess it is strange to think that my 4 year old sister and I have the same pink Christmas tree and Hello Kitty ornaments, or when she receives Hello Kitty clothing - I might get a little jealous....Did I just admit that? (Oh man, I hope A doesn't read this post)

I guess it might be bad that while living in Roanoke by myself, I had a Hello Kitty themed bathroom (I actually think this scared away a lot of boys), or that for my 26th birthday - my boss made me a Hello Kitty cake.

Luckily for me, it seems like a lot of other people have the same strange obsession with a cartoon cat.
A quick Pintrest search proves my point:

(All images via Pintrest)

Maybe I'm not as crazy as I thought....

Till next time-

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