Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Reality check!

Dear Ashley Hebert -
I think it's time for a reality check...not from the guys that are left (you actually have a few great ones still around..ahem, Ames...ahem, Ben) but a reality check from your clothing.
If you have a stylist, please fire him/her.
If the Bachelorette gave you a clothing allowance, maybe you should think about returning the clothing you bought.
I know you have a really great body, but I don't want to see EVERY bit of it every Monday night. If you have a see-through top on, put a tank top on underneath it. I don't tune in to see your black bra.
If you have tiny shorts/skirts on, maybeee you shouldn't wear hooker heels.
If you're working out, maybe you should put on a shirt.
And lastly, if you are considering tying your shirt up to show your stomach, Don't. Do. It.

... Just saying..

Case in point:


In my humble, and obviously much more conservative opinion, I think you should take a few style tips from Jillian. She is by far the cutest and best dressed Bachelorette: 


And for crying out loud, if you are over Bentley...stop talking about him!!

Till next time -

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