Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm baaaaaaaaack.

I'm thankful to be back in the regular swing of things - hopefully my posts will get back to normal as well.

My trip to NYC was mighty successful - I got to see most of my awesome customers, eat really amazing food and even do a little sightseeing & celebrity spotting!

My sales rep Julie and I had about 3 hours to kill on Monday afternoon and decided to walk around the city.

We breezed into Tiffany's where I got an awkward photo with the World Series Trophy:

And also popped into Bergdorf Goodman's to do a little drooling (hello, Louboutins!!). On our way out, we saw a Paparazzi in the window taking photos. Before I knew it, I was shoulder to shoulder with Jessica and Ashlee Simpson!! No photos to prove it, but this is a photo of them walking out of the store (Jessica is totally pregnant, btw):


Unlike many New Yorkers, I was actively celebrity watching the whole time I was in the city and managed to also see Anthony Weiner and his wife, Huma walking down the street. They are a hard-to-miss couple due to how beautiful (and pregnant) Huma is, and know what Anthony looks like...

All in all - a great trip but I'm so happy to be back with A!

We took advantage of Richmond's restaurant week on Friday night by going to Bistro 27.
I'd never been there before and frankly, never really paid much attention to the place but I really enjoyed it! Smaller atmosphere, great service and awesome food...doesn't get much better than that!
If you get the chance to go - definitely take advantage of it!

Tonight, some friends and I are planing to walk up and down Hanover Ave. Hanover is a well known street in the Fan district (where I live) that has become known for it's "Halloween block party." Most of the homeowners go above and beyond decorating their house for this one day event and thousands of people come to the area to experience all the fun.


No costumes for me this year, but I'll leave you with the cutest Rockette Toy Soldier I've ever seen - my little sister, Eliza (costume made by my amazingly crafty Mother):

Happy Halloween!!

Till next time-

Monday, October 17, 2011

Excuses, excuses

Excuse my absence from blogging for the next 2 weeks. This week, I've got a Regional Sales meeting here in Richmond, and then I'm off to NYC for customer visits next week.

{image via Pintrest}

Hopefully I'll find some time in between to do a little catching up.

Till next time-

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

On repeat

Can't get enough of this song.

Whiskeytown - Don't Wanna Know Why

Till next time -

Monday, October 10, 2011

Highlights...and a haircut

Lets see...where shall I start?...

Friday night, A and I (once again) went to Cinebistro and saw:


It wasn't the best or the worst movie we've seen, but we walked away agreeing that it wasn't as exciting as we thought it would be. Don't get me wrong though - I'd gladly sit through a boring movie if Ryan Gosling was in it!
Saturday morning, I chopped 4-1/2 inches off my hair - I was ready for something new (mentioned here). I'm pretty happy with it, and surprisingly A is too (he wasn't so keen on the change).
After an afternoon spent cleaning up the apartment, this pretty lady came to visit from NC:

We ended up sitting outside for most of the day/night with our neighbors, watching football and laughing around the fire.

Sunday, A and I drove up to the VA State Fair. We rode the ferris wheel, ate some funnel cake and got to see The Band Perry!

All in all - a great weekend!

Till next time-

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Governor's Cup

Last night, A and I attended the kickoff for October Wine Month at the VMFA (Virginia Museum of Fine Arts) - which is one of my favorite places here in Richmond.

A is a big supporter of VA wine, so it was exciting to see and meet the difference vineyards.


During the event, the winner of the 2011 Governor's Cup of White Wine was annouced - which was New Kent winery.

I was holding out hope that Barrenridge Winery would win - but, I guess I'm a little biased. Barrenridge was where A and I had our first "official" date while I was living in Roanoke. We couldn't wait to see each other so we met half-way in Staunton, VA. A planned the date - wine tasting and then dinner downtown at Staunton Grocery.

He did pretty well, wouldn't you say?


Till next time-

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

If you haven't, you should

If you haven't, you should rent the movie: Bill Cunningham New York.

I had the house to myself last night and happen upon this documentary on Netflix. Ever since watching The September Issue, a documentary about Vogue's Editor in Chief, Anna Wintour - I've been fasinated with the folks behind the scenes in fashion.

The documentary follows the life of New York Times fashion photographer, Bill Cunningham:

At the age of 82, Bill still writes, photographs and narrates his pages, "On the Streets and "Evening Hours" for the New York Times. Pretty darn impressive, right?


Throughout the movie, many people are interviewed about the influence Bill has on fashion - including Michael Kors, Patrick McDonald, Iris Apfel, and Anna Wintour.
Even though his work involves society and fashion, he is often times seen riding his 29th Schwinn bike (the other 28 were stolen) on the streets of New York and takes "the cheaper, the better" approach for his personal life. Examples of this shown in the movie are when he repairs his ripped up rain poncho with black tape rather than buy a replacement and the fact that he prefers to wear $20 street cleaner shirts when photographing people on the street, events and fashion shows.


As a deeply religous man, Bill goes to church every single Sunday and has a life deeply rooted in morals - seen as he tears up when questioned about his faith, when he refused a sizeable check from Conde Nast after Details magazine was bought out, and when he turned away a plate of salmon at a swanky event. In fact, he makes a point to eat before events and won't even take a glass of water when working.

Bill Cunningham New York was an excellent portrayal of an iconic artist who refers to everyone as a "child" and whom has an outstanding work ethic - he accepts nothing that might damage his reputation.
We truely need more people like him in this world.


"He who seeks beauty ...will find it"
-Bill Cunningham
Till next time-

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Big debate

Debating a short hair cut.
I've been growing my hair out for a while now, but I think I might be ready to go short again, like this:

and this:
Or this:

Yes, no, maybe so?

Till next time-

Monday, October 3, 2011


Black and white photo-booth pictures from our great friends, Sara and Robby's wedding over the weekend!
Wishing them a fantastic and relaxing honeymoon in St. Barth's - they definitely deserve it!

The whole weekend was so much fun - filled with great food, wonderful friends and lots and lots of dancing!
Happy Monday!

Till next time-