Thursday, September 1, 2011

These are my confessions...

Happy September!

Why not start off a new month with a confession about myself?

Sound good? Ok...

Confession: I love jewelry. In fact, I miiiight be a jewelry hoarder.

I have earrings, necklaces, braclets, and rings in every travel bag and jewelry box I own. Some of it is random pieces I've picked up, but a lot of my jewelry is from a company called, Dolma Pearls.

I wear my Dolma pearl earrings almost every day to work, but this company does a lot more than just earrings. 

Dolma's "Long Page" Necklace
8 strands of button and rice pearls strung on silk. 65” in length. 

My twin sister Sally (mentioned here, here, and here) went to school with the owner, Ashley, was one of the first "pearl experts," and even had a necklace named after her (Rightfully named the "Sally O'Malley")!

Sally sporting the O'Malley in Thailand:

Sal, in the middle, wearing the "Rain" necklace:

In Dolma "Rhett" earrings and "Long Page" necklace:

Since Ashley started up the company, I have acquired many awesome pieces that I get compliments on almost every time I wear them. Truthfully, out of my large jewelry collection, the Dolma pieces are my favorite necklaces/rings/earrings I own.

Estancia necklace - Perfect for Fall!

Ashley and her sister, Shannon go to China and design all the jewelry themselves (see their blog here), so they  always have new items to show and sell. Best of all, since they are constantly creating new designs, they have the most amazing sales!

Ashley, in China, trying on a new necklace
{stolen from Dolma's blog}

Hello, gorgeous...
{Dharma in Gold, via}

By no means have they asked me to write this post, and who knows - they may never know I did this.. I just wanted to share the great stuff they sell!

Check them out - you won't be sorry!

Till next time-

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