Thursday, September 15, 2011


Yesterday, one of the headlines that caught my attention on Gawker was:

Disappearances: Michaele Salahi is Missing!!

The crazy lady who crashed the White House State dinner? 


The same seemingly cracked out Real Housewife of DC?


I immediately forwarded the article to my other Hollywood gossip-loving coworker and we both came to the conclusion that it all had to be a publicity stunt (she did mention how terrible she would feel if indeed something bad did happen to Michaele)...
But lets be real here - when was the last time the Salahi's did anything with out it being a publicity stunt?

Just a few examples:
Like the time she accused Whoopi Goldberg of "abuse" because she touched her on the shoulder and asked her to talk about the White House incident?
Or the fact that she lied about being a Washington Redskins cheerleader and Miss USA?
Posing for Playboy?

Come to find out this morning - she wasn't kidnapped, but "ran away" with Journey's guitarist, Neil Schon??



Such a ridiculous story and couple...I'll be curious to see what the Salahi's do next.

T-15 minutes of fame and counting!

Till next time-

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  1. Oh my word she is crazy!!! I love me some RH of DC though! Combining my comments but have fun on your trip this weekend!