Thursday, August 25, 2011

Is this real life?

I am tired. As in dog-tired and brain-not-functioning tired.

{via Pintrest}

After a world wind trip to Ohio and back (in less than 24 hours) - I am just in a mood. Not a good mood, not a bad mood. Just in a you ever get like that?

But you know what helps get me through the day? A few things actually:

1. Seeing this on desk:

And this posted in my office first thing this morning:

....I love my coworkers!!!!

2. A large vanilla latte - lucky my building has a Starbucks, don't know how I would be functioning this morning without it.

3. My wonderfully sweet boyfriend who picked me up at the airport last night at 12:30am, took me to work this morning, and told me he loved me even when I was in my "mood." Not to gush, but he really is the best.

But MOST importantly...

4. The Lilly Pulitzer Sale!

I took advantage of this Tuesday afternoon (pre-earthquake and flight to Ohio). And even though my bank account took quite a hit - it is most certainly worth it. Can't wait to welcome my new purchases to my closet!
The sale ends tonight at midnight - hurry over to Lilly Pulitzer and buy something pretty if you haven't already.

Its almost Friday!

Till next time-

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