Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Am I crafty enough?

The boy, A and I have been collecting wine corks from the numerous bottles of wine we drink. When we first started dating, I tried to keep every cork from every bottle we drank. Notice I said "I tried"...For those who know us, you'll know how much we enjoy our wine and if I had, in fact, kept every cork - our apartment would be over-run with them!
Even though I haven't kept every cork from every bottle (I had to throw away a few, but shhh - don't tell him), I still have managed to accumulate a nice stash of these little beauts...Now, what to do with them?

I thought something like this would suffice...

But then, as I started googling "wine cork projects," I realized I was thinking too small!!

Why not try to make some of these crafty things:

A and I are always on the look out for more seating, so why not make this comfy looking chair?

I wonder what the Prius would look like covered in wine corks?? Reduce, reuse, recycle - right?

Why not make A this daper suit? It's the perfect outfit for my sisters upcoming summer wedding...

So, I ask - am I crafty enough? ......

Who am I kidding?? .... Wine Cork bulletin board, it is!

Till next time -

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