Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Am I the only one who is a total sucker for infomercials?

In the few moments I spent on the couch this weekend, I managed to see this:

{via youtube}

I. Must. Have. Eggies.

Anyone who is a part of my family knows how much the Wilson's love their hard-boiled eggs. Since I was little, I can remember the feeling of excitment when my Mom would have these ready for us in the morning (this also applies to chocolate chip pancakes) before we went to school.

When the Eggies commerical came on, A made a comment on when we get older - he said, not so subtly, he will have to hide the remote at night because he fears I'll be up ordering stuff at 3 a.m. I couldn't help but laugh...He does have a point - I am a complete sucker for these things.

Last year, while living in Roanoke - I wound up buying the "Wonder Hangers" because I was told they would "double the size of my closet":
But, even though they did give me more space in the closet, I didn't much enjoy the sound of falling clothes in the middle of the night. I have to admit, they were probably not my best purchase to date...but hey, I'm a sucker.

A need not worry about my purchasing habits at 3a.m though....I can always just pop over to the nearest CVS to pick up all the Bump-its, Topsy-turvys, Water Globes and Bender Balls my heart desires.

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