Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm fair.

Yep, that's right...I'm a blonde haired, blue eyed girl who has FAIR skin.
I used to tan religiously in college to prevent that fact from becoming common knowledge, and then once I graduated, I started spray tanning for that very same reason.


I never liked my fair skin and to be honest, I still don't...but I'm dealing with it.

Even though I know that I'm fair-skinned (and much to my chagrin, it has become common knowledge), it still is a strange thing to hear when other's point it out.

Case in point:
Yesterday, while I was at work - a co-worker (who, mind you - is not on my team and is not someone I know very well) walked over to me and gave me a tube of lipstick. Strange, no?
The reason why I was given this lipstick, she explained, was because I'm "so fair" and she just thought it would be a great color for me.

She then proceeded to ask me to put it on. Right then.
Ummmmmmmmmmm...............No, thanks?

Oh, did I tell you the lipstick had been used?
Definitely, NO THANKS.

I politely told her thank you, cracked a joke because it was tres awkward, and then pretended to be very busy and go back to work.

My life is nuts. Or maybe just some of my co-workers are?

Till next time-

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