Thursday, January 19, 2012

Martha, Martha, blah blah blah

I never intended for my blog to become an "I LOVE MARTHA STEWART" site, but when I found out that my sister Sally's friend Macon was featured on "My Martha's" website, I had to share!!


I've known Macon for a few years since she and Sally went to college together. She used to work for Ms. Stewart, but has since started her own Etsy shop selling her letterpress creations, Macon York.
Each card costs $4 - which is a steal of a deal considering Macon makes these herself.

{via Etsy}

She also created all the invitations and programs for my little sister, Laura's wedding - featured on this post.


Isn't Macon talented?

She's got some great cards for Valentine's Day....might have to buy one (or two) for A.
I guess I just spoiled that surprise - HEY A!!

Till next time-

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